We tailor-made the best ERP in the world
for the Floriculture Sector.

Can you imagine the advantage you would have if you could view the inventory of flowers
on a daily basis, in its different presentations: raw, semi-finished, final product and receive
alerts about the inventory that is about to expire?.

From any device, anywhere in the world.

Eliminate unnecessary manual processes, such as the consolidation of information from different software, and focus your contributors on the needs of the business.

Ought the possibility of assigning inventory according to priorities and profitability goals, while integrating with new distribution channels for export of your products, complying with all the required standards.

Receive alerts of inventories about to expire, we make sure to effectively implement the pioneering ERP in the Oracle Netsuite cloud, achieving by expanding your presence in the continent. While a single system identifies the financial and fiscal requirements of each of its companies globally.

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    For the fourth year in a row, NetSuite has been a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.
    For financial management systems in the cloud for medium, large and global companies.

    Competitive advantages

    We have customized the best ERP in the world to simplify your operations and costs.

    • A single data source allows access to all operations in real-time.
    • 100% cloud native, it can be accessed from any device anywhere.
    • A single solution for all areas of the company (ERP and CRM).
    • Management and control of inventory at the level of detail with cost of sale.
    • Reduce billing and return time.

    Benefits of having Oracle NetSuite in a flower farm or flowers distribution company.

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      Integration with supermarkets and department stores order management systems through EDI and XML such as Costco, Walmart.
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      Management and control of inventory at the level of detail with the cost of sale.
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      Centralization of information in a single query source, avoiding errors by having all the cross-sectional information in a single suite.
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      Reduction in billing and return time.
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      Financial segmentation to measure profitability by business units with automatic profitability margin reports by product.
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      SOC1 and SOC2 audits.
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      Includes all internal roles of your organization.
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      Visualization of all your inventory.
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      Traceability of the useful life of each flower.
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      Integrate with your clients and logistics providers.
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      Controlled access to customers and suppliers.
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      Financial and fiscal consolidation of each location.
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      The system is capable of handling a large amount of information, which is unmanageable for people.