Oracle NetSuite CRM: client-centric cloud software

Oracle NetSuite CRM software is the only cloud solution that offers a 360-degree view of your customer in real time, global sales management and service organizations.

ERP What is Oracle NetSuite CRM?  

100% customer-centric cloud software.

Oracle NetSuite CRM is much more than a traditional system, because it provides a continuous flow of information througho the entire customer life cycle, from lead to opportunity, sales orders, deliveries, renewals, increased sales, cross-selling and support.

In addition to the capabilities of traditional CRMs, such as Sales Force Automation, customer support, and marketing automation, Oracle NetSuite CRM delivers quotes, order management, commissions, sales forecasts, and integrated E-commerce skills.

Case management automates the business processes associated with customer support, management, and escalation. It also supports routing and tracing, according to the product, problem, type of case, or customer.

Oracle NetSuite CRM delivers information in real time, according to defined roles, dashboards and reports for analysis, allowing sales, marketing and service teams to be monitored with management indicators customized by areas and access reports as part of their daily activities. With Oracle NetSuite CRM + transform your sales strategy into action.

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    Reasons to implement Oracle NetSuite CRM:

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      It includes Sales Force Automation, marketing campaign automation, customer service, and customization that fits any business model.
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      SEO marketing and keywords to drive maximum traffic to the web, and transform it into income.
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      Access to the complete purchasing history of all customers, without the need for complex integrations with your accounting / ERP system.
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      Access from any device to manage and satisfy clients in real time.
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      Streamlines lead processes up to invoicing.
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      Customer support that reduces troubleshooting time through opening cases.
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      Creation of segmented marketing campaigns according to the needs of companies.
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      Full administration of partner relations.