Oracle NetSuite OneWorld: the platform for your global business

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld is the first and only SaaS system that offers the possibility to monitor global businesses in real time and consolidate your finances, especially for SMEs with operations in national and multinational subsidiaries.

ERP What is Oracle NetSuite OneWorld?  

This Oracle NetSuite module allows you to manage teams and sales partners, consolidate financial information, manage companies with multiple subsidiaries, perform E-commerce and global marketing with customer support.

Modern global companies must be innovative, data driven, able to scale quickly, and respond to market and customer dynamics. Oracle NetSuite OneWorld provides you with a unified global business management platform for organizations that manage multinational and subsidiary operations, at a fraction of the cost of traditional ERP solutions.

With OneWorld companies can develop standard business processes, and implement them in all divisions and subsidiaries with a single click, ensuring compliance with processes globally.

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    Reasons to implement Oracle NetSuite ERP:

    With Oracle’s cloud-based NetSuite solution, investors can monitor and manage the project anytime, anywhere, with a complete view of the information. The result will be a significantly improved final project report, more satisfied customers, and reduced non-billable work.

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      Oracle NetSuite OneWorld unifies the reporting and business intelligence requirements of multinationals in real time.
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      The platform allows companies to adjust: currency type and language, pay taxes and comply with legal regulations at the local level, with the consolidation of business, regional and global information.
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      Support in 19 languages, management of more than 190 currencies, and deployment of clients in more than 160 countries to facilitate sales operations.
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      Global, regional and local executives gain real-time visibility of their business worldwide, ensuring efficiency in managing the entire organization, locally and globally.
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      It offers global management solutions in ERP, CRM, E-commerce and PSA (Professional Service Automation), which gives multinationals the possibility of aligning all their financial, market, commerce, sales and service operations.
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      Fully run an ERP system in the cloud:
      Oracle NetSuite OneWorld’s cloud enables multinational companies to simultaneously run corporate and branch operations, without the need for large infrastructure or IT facility resources, reducing costs and enabling them to extend ERP to their entire location.
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      It allows the management of multiple companies, business units and legal entities.
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      Oracle NetSuite OneWorld provides a clear view of all levels of business performance, from general to individual, through financial and operational roles in dashboards with real-time information.
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      Consolidate operations and profits in real time:
      Oracle NetSuite OneWorld accelerates financial processes and consolidates multiple currencies and accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventories, billing, order fulfillment, from local country operations to regional or global offices in real time.
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      Manage your business from anywhere:
      Oracle NetSuite OneWorld enables access to enter the platform from anywhere in the world. With support for mobile and tablet devices, Oracle NetSuite OneWorld customers gain access to the information and functionality they need at their fingertips.