Oracle NetSuite SRP: Service Resource Planning

Oracle NetSuite SRP is the service management solution that supports your business, and guides the entire life cycle to billing, with a powerful SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) system.

ERP What is NetSuite SRP?  

Service resource planning

Oracle NetSuite SRP (Service Resource Planning) enables you to implement projects faster, generate invoices accurately and efficiently, and reduce accounts receivable cycles, improving cash flow and eliminating lost revenue.

Resource planning software is tailored to companies in any industry, for example, consulting, creative media, or healthcare.

Oracle NetSuite SRP is a completely SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) based solution that can be accessed from any web browser, operating system or mobile device.

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    Reasons to implement Oracle NetSuite SRP:

    With Oracle’s cloud-based NetSuite solution, investors can monitor and manage the project anytime, anywhere, with a complete view of the information. The result will be a significantly improved final project report, more satisfied customers, and reduced non-billable work.

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      Get a complete view of your service organization with a powerful cloud suite.
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      Prepare and monitor your project budget at different levels.
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      Optimize revenue recognition from the time of sale, and increase the visibility of your organization.
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      Monitor the progress of your project in real time.
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      Prepare detailed income and cost reports to optimize your budget.
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      Manage the life cycle of your projects from estimation to service delivery, with flexible billing models.