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Trust the foundation powering today’s fastest-growing companies from startup to IPO and beyond.

NetSuite uniquely understands the challenging facing hyper-growth startups companies.

With growth comes business complexity; you must manage more complex business processes such as revenue recognition, forecasting, acquisitions, specialized pricing models, recurring / subscription-based revenue streams, order management, and an integrated professional services team, naming a few.

It is traumatic to work with separate spreadsheets and applications to meet incremental needs as they arise. But as growth continues, these non-integrated processes and ad-hoc applications begin to hamper productivity.

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    Oracle NetSuite cloud ERP suite is the best choice for technology companies that understand that the key to unlocking and managing growth is a back-office system that can address today’s challenges while providing the necessary fundamental foundation during the future.

    For the fourth year in a row, NetSuite has been a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.
    For financial management systems in the cloud for medium, large and global companies.

    Competitive advantages

    We have customized the best ERP in the world to simplify your operations and costs.

    • A single data source allows access to all operations in real-time.
    • 100% cloud native, it can be accessed from any device anywhere.
    • A single solution for all areas of the company (ERP and CRM).
    • Management and control of inventory at the level of detail with cost of sale.
    • Reduce billing and return time.

    Benefits of having Oracle NetSuite in a Software or Technology company.

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      Increase finance efficiency and accuracy by automating key business processes, a solution that fosters innovation within your organization by being easy to use and accessible anytime, anywhere.
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      Automate both initial and recurring transaction processing.
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      Streamline and automate billing across multiple revenue streams: subscription, product, usage, and services.
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      Recognize every transaction, solve complex revenue recognition challenges, and meet evolving standards.
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      Achieve accounting closings in half the run time, confidently, and report finances quickly and accurately.
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      Manage recurring revenue with solutions for both SaaS and perpetual license providers.
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      Consolidate finances globally, seamlessly manage multiple currencies and reports as your business expands.
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      Integrate it with your existing CRM for complete automation and increase your sales force.