We have customized the best ERP in the
world for the surveillance and security sector.

Eliminate unnecessary manual processes, such as information consolidation from different software, and focus your collaborators.

For years we have identified the challenges of surveillance and security companies, staff reports, supplier control, control of entry and exit of materials, costs of the hours of surveillance rounds. It is quite a challenge to be able, to individually identify the unique behavior of each resource in terms of working hours and days.

We create an employee module where you have the traceability of each one of them to have information in real-time of their performance.

We configured the automation of the unique taxable base called AIU (unexpected administration and utility) of VAT.

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    We have more than 100 years of experience in technology adoption processes.

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    The support of technological tools complements the ability of the staff to drive the growth of your company, saving hidden costs, and the automation of processes to focus your workers on the needs of the business.

    For the fourth year in a row, NetSuite has been a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.
    For financial management systems in the cloud for medium, large and global companies.

    Competitive advantages

    We have customized the best ERP in the world to simplify your operations and costs.

    • A single data source allows access to all operations in real-time.
    • 100% cloud native, it can be accessed from any device anywhere.
    • A single solution for all areas of the company (ERP and CRM).
    • Management and control of inventory at the level of detail with cost of sale.
    • Reduce billing and return time.

    Benefits of having Oracle NetSuite in an surveillance and security Enterprise

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      Employee Portal:
      We create an easy-to-use and accessible platform from any device where your collaborators can:
    • Manage hours worked.
    • See reports of problems.
    • Reduce handling time.
    • View and track cases
    • Create additional contracts and invoices.
    • Record the times of each contract.
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      Automation of the unique taxable base called AIU (unexpected administration and utility) of VAT.
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      Inventory management on real-time.
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      Increased productivity by saving processes through automation.
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      Punctual monitoring of resources and times to provide constant support to its clients and correct management of prospects.
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      Oracle NetSuite allows the customization of processes, meeting any requirement.
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      Oracle NetSuite is the solution to run all your processes, even in times of uncertainty such as the pandemic.
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      Increase finance efficiency and accuracy by automating key business processes, accessible anytime, anywhere.
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      Automate both initial and recurring transaction processing.
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      Recognize every transaction, solve complex revenue recognition challenges, and meet evolving standards.
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      Achieve accounting closings in half the run time, confidently, and report finances quickly and accurately.
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      Consolidate finances globally, seamlessly manage multiple currencies and reports as your business expands.
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      CRM synchronized with all areas, obtaining follow-up from the commercial team and achieving billing.
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      Know the exact profitability of each business model.
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      A system with the capacity for national and international expansion, without future investments in infrastructure or IT.
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      A custom ERP to identify financial and tax requirements of different regions in one place.
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      Avoid hidden costs of information processing and get reports in just a few clicks.