What is Cloud Business Intelligence?

BI applications hosted on the internet, used to provide organizations access to related data such as dashboards, KPIs, and other business analytics

Above all, Cloud Business Intelligence provides a series of improvements to take advantage of the information obtained in the different stages of a company.

Therefore, Data-intensive companies are increasingly turning to cloud-hosted tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) applications, collaboration, and online file storage as well as help desk software.

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Growth your business.

Cloud Business Intelligence or BI has become a compelling tool for business analysis in any corporation.

As a result, provides support that optimizes processes, improves customer service results, increases the accuracy of marketing processes, however, efficiently allows you to stay ahead of the competition.

Obtaining accurate data will make it easier to identify the factors that are driving your company.

That is why the implementation of these processes and the tools necessary to accurately manage the business will always be a fundamental part when making decisions, for instance.

In conclusion, advantages such as smoothness of use, speed in deployment, accessibility, the ability to quickly gather, organize and analyze your data.
Most importantly, Cloud Business Intelligence the right hand of decision-makers in the company.

Consequently, your company would be able to implement more agile and accurate actions to be taken.

SuiteAnalytics provides embedded business intelligence to any customizations or applications built with SuiteCloud, eliminating the need for developers and IT to deal with the complexities of separate reporting tools or data warehousing.

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